Fun & Sport Agility dog tunnel bag



Thanks to the Agility Fun & Sport tunnel bag, you can easily set up a small personalized course for your dog or complete an existing course. Access to the tunnel is rigid, then its extension consists of a very fluid bag. After trying, your dog will love this exercise.
The Agility tunnel bag comes with a nylon shoulder bag to facilitate transport. So every walk can turn into a heart-pounding workout. Thanks to metal fasteners, the tunnel can easily be fixed to the ground and you can thus make and unmake as you wish a course wherever you want: in your garden, in a park, etc.

The activities offered by Agility strengthen the master-dog relationship and allow your dog to keep in shape.

Features of the Agility tunnel bag:

diameter: 60cm
length of the rigid part of the tunnel: 1 m
length of the bag (fluid part) of the tunnel: 4 m
total length: about 5 m
Warning !

Before any exercise with your Agility equipment, be sure to warm up your dog’s muscles, by making him run for example.
Never feed your dog before training. Reward him with treats during the exercises.
Tailor training to your dog’s age, breed and size.
Always provide your dog with fresh water and give him a few breaks.
Start and end the training positively so that your dog enjoys himself every moment.
For puppies and young dogs, it is necessary to obtain the agreement of a veterinarian for the practice of such exercises in order to ensure that their health and growth are not harmed.


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