Trixie Lick’n’Snack dog ball



It’s essential to give your dog new challenges to occupy his mind. The Lick’n’Snack ball from Trixie will give your dog a hard time getting his treats. The solid TPR ball can be filled with kibble or treats and your dog will have to try to retrieve them through the small openings.

This intelligence toy will keep your dog occupied for a long time and prevent him from throwing himself on his food. The grooves on the sides are ideal for liver sausage, which your dog will be happy to lick. Licking has soothing properties and will help your dog calm down after venting. A suction cup secures the Trixie Lick’n’Snack ball to a smooth surface.

Characteristics of the Trixie Lick’n’Snack ball for dogs:
dog intelligence toy
helps the dog to eat more slowly: prevents him from throwing himself on his food
occupies the dog for a while: the dog must try to retrieve its food
to fill with treats: for large treats inside, grooves on the sides for pasta and liver sausages
large suction cup: to secure the ball securely on smooth floors
encourages the dog to lick: soothing effect
stimulates the mind
colors: white / green
materials: TPR (thermoplastic rubber) / plastic
total dimensions: H 13 x 12 cm in diameter
ball: 8 cm in diameter
weight: 275g



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